Fun Fact: Back when I first heard about ToS2, some people proposed a theory that Richter (I think, he should be the red-haired one) was actually Kratos in disguise.  As a naive, 13 year old girl grieving over the loss of such oyako gold, I held onto that for a bit.  Now that I know it’s not true, I only refer to Richter as “Not-Kratos” unless absolutely necessary. 


colette and zelos are my precious babies and i will protect them at all costs


みこんび! | くるみ  [pixiv]

Viva! Tales of! With your talkshit hosts, sarcastic Jade and loudmouth Zelos. I 1000000% love this duo. What they literally just do is mocking everyone LOL

I feel like a good number of people who follow me know nothing about ToS except that Colette is amazing, so I made this handy chart to help them learn about the other main characters and their relevance to the plot.